The Artist emerges.

Self Portrait I

Self Portrait I

But first we need to back up a bit…….

Where did it come from?
Actually the covers of Dave Brubeck’s Time Out and Time Further Out.
My first exposure to the work of Miro and Kandinski took place around 1966.

It was love at first sight.

Twenty years later I put paint to t-shirt and out came a Miro character on a windsurfer.

My original graphic work was always very artistic in style and it was only a matter of time….less than a year….until I painted my first canvas.  Back then my style was very graphic and abstract. Uncertainty of materials and method resulted in very simple works.  But in no time I loosened up and learned the way of paint.

My backgrounds started to increase in complexity and style.  My color use and composition improved. I worked and learned.  But fortunately managed to sell while I did so.  In fact my second painting was a $2000 commission.  2 months later I painted a large mural for the top night club in Palm Beach.

Le Slalom - my first painting

Le Slalom - my first painting

My new work was more confident and displayed a great sense of humor. It made people smile.  The connection to my surrealist heroes was still there but a personal style was starting to creep through. However, for the next few years I was so consumed designing clothing and art for commercial use my paintings happened sporadically. Not good for a novice trying to discover and learn.

But I did both and persevered.  I worked through a very Miro inspired period for about 3 years emerging even stronger and more confident. Meanwhile my success still amazed me with a sales rate of over 50% and no gallery representing me.

Much of my painting became directed at sports, motor racing and tennis in particular.  I created some very large and bold canvases quite unusual in these sports and met with great success. My art landed in some very cool places including the Jaguar Car Museum, The Japanese National Car Museum, The boardroom of Philip Morris and homes of sports stars such as Don Shula, Chris Evert and Emerson Fittipaldi.  President George Bush has a piece as do Ex-State Governors and Fortune 500 executives.

And all this while designing and creating art for scores of commercial clients 15 hours a day.

Just ten years after my first professional painting I was making art for movers and shakers around the world.  I had been featured in TV shows and in countless newspaper and magazine articles.  A five page pictorial in Americas biggest car journal, Automobile Magazine called me the “Next Big Thing”.  The Miami Herald ran a front page story on me.  And PBS featured me in a show about my work and life. 

And I still could not get a single Art Gallery owner to look at my work!

For another three years I concentrated on developing my own style of surrealism.  My pallet changed from the bright solid colors to more discrete and subtle shades.  My subjects more personal and less object inspired.  I had shows in Palm Beach Airport for 6 months and various one man shows around South Florida.  Hell, I even got into a nice gallery in Palm Beach…until it closed down soon after my arrival!

My commercial work was interesting me less and less and my paintings were taking more of my time and effort.  A big gallery in Miami was just biting when out of the blue I decided that I’d had enough of the flat Florida landscape.

It was time to move……………..