What’s happened lately.

The Kiss

The Kiss

Moving to Maui was a big deal.

I was motivated by many reasons but right up front was a need to find a place to paint.

No distractions or commercial motivations.

Just paint what I want, when I want.

What a very exciting thing.  Within a year I had my studio built and I was turning out new work. Immediately the subjects changed and became very personal. Then my pallet and style morphed. The most obvious aspect was my use of more shading and detail to give my characters a three dimensional look.

My friends and playmates became my subjects. The greens and blues and reds of my island home became my predominant colors. I had more time to invest in each work and this showed up in more detailed and larger sized canvases.

Hula Dancer II

Hula Dancer II

The early Maui paintings explored the world of Hula, of dance and of the ocean. My cats got into the act many times both as central subjects or support actors. While these changes are part of that period my Surrealistic style of color enclosed in a black line continued. As did my love of continuous line compositions. I reached a pinnacle of that style with my painting “I Dream of Hiding Chicken Bones in Your Hair”. Whenever I look at that I am still not sure how it happened! One continuous pencil line drawn without pausing for an instant. With no preconceived notion of the details of the subject or story. 

Good job I was painting so much as all of a sudden I found myself represented in 3 galleries and having shows in Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver and Maui. Paul Newman and Mario Andretti drove to the opening of a show on Madison Avenue, NYC in a two seat Indy Car! My One Man Show in Vancouver resulted in several big sales including the sale of my highest priced painting to date. (mid 5 figures)

She Came In Through The Bathroom Window

She Came In Through The Bathroom Window

My fascination with the art of Jackson Pollock and other Abstract Expressionists has pushed me in a new direction in the last 3 years. I have allowed myself to loosen up in a spiritual way while my improved techniques have allowed more control of the chaos. I no longer need the crutch of a subject to hold up a painting. And even when I do feature one it is another mass of splashes and slashes. Movement has become an important feature.

I have also played with a third dimension recently. A bit tenuously maybe. I am using sheets of high density foam which are painted and then reinforced with glass fiber backing. Finally, resin is applied to coat the object in a glass like case. These pieces are normally floating above a painted background of similar material or just used freeform as in my trophy work.

It’s a lot of fun and I am now playing with back lighting sheets of abstract art foam pieces…it looks kind of like stained glass.

In a Back to the Future move I have started using an Amiga computer for some new art. I have to admit to being very excited about this. I recently produced my first new pieces…Smile! and Pixels. With the new super large inkjet printers around I am able to enlarge postcard sized images to the size of a wall. The resulting work is just too cool and I am just reeling with ideas and opportunities coming from this “new meets old technology” art form. This could be big.

As they say…stay tuned, this is gonna be fun!