In the beginning…….

I grew up with a love for drawing and creating. My Mum in particular was really gifted.

Graphics and The Early Years

7 years on an off shore oil rig will change a man….and his life.
And so it did mine.
Divorce. Lost job. Three year plunge into a dark place. Actually many places including Rome, Lake Taho, L.A., Miami, Scotland and London.

The Artist emerges.

Where did it come from?
Actually the covers of Dave Brubeck’s Time Out and Time Further Out

What’s happened lately.

Moving to Maui was a big deal.
I was motivated by many reasons but right up front was a need to find a place to paint.
No distractions or commercial motivations. Just paint what I want, when I want.

What happens outside the Studio….

So what does an artist do when he’s not painting?
Well this one listens to a lot of music. Actually I listen constantly when I’m painting. I love it so much…most kinds except, no Hip Hop please.

Shows, Collectors, Commissions and Events

A list of Shows, Collectors, Museums and important commissions.