Welcome to my new web site!

Aloha and welcome to my brand new super duper web site.
I am so stoked about it and the opportunity I have to interact with all my current and future collectors and friends around the world.

Getting here.

I’ll be stoked when this new web site is launched!
It’s been fun working on it with my good friend and web partner Neil

Wow! Next……

Obama won!
OK as promised that’s it for politics.

A moment of truth…..please.

So this week we will elect a new President.
It’s fairly obvious that this is going to the biggest election in recent memory.

Boo to you…now give me the chocolates!

Halloween already.
Bloody hell 😉
Actually I started early this year. Got to DJ a really great party upcountry at the ultimate Halloween House…..

Diary, blog….whatever!

I’m writing this unsure of why and if.
As in, why am I doing this and if I really intend keeping this up on a regular basis. Actually it’s really if squared……….