News and Reviews

The BIG one!

I actually started the sketch for this over a year ago.

Sevin spotted on canvas!

Sevin spotted on canvas! Again!!!!!

Catch my new Sevin painting!

I’m really enjoying my new voyage into impressionism.

Seeing Double!

Well I said I’d been busy lately and here’s proof.
Not one but two new Sevin paintings. Frisbee 7.1 and 7.2!

New dog. Old tricks. New paintings.

In between playing with Seven on the water Ray has returned to the studio and has been a very productive artist.

New Designs, New Items in the Ray Masters Store

We’ve just added lots of new designs and many more fun clothes and other items to the Ray Masters store.
We now have over 200 different graphics on line which can be printed on a huge choice of garments. In fact you have thousands of combinations to chose from.
All with Ray’s signature look. Bold, colorful and of course, humorous.


I am really pleased to announce the opening of my new apparel and merchandise store.
For over 25 years I have designed clothing for sports and sportswear companies of every kind.

Mark Rapp – The Trumpetman – CD Launch Party

This is my first major release CD cover and to have been chosen by one of the top new generation jazz trumpet players for his first album art is very special.

It’s in the Bag!

Ray Masters was recently asked to add his artistic voice to an impressive list of fine artists and entertainment stars including Peter Max, Willie Nelson, Laird Hamilton, Woody Harrelson and Jack Johnson.

Ray Masters Plays with Brazilian Girls, On Canvas!

Maui’s bad boy artist, Ray Masters brought the Brazilian girls line up to a temporary five members last month as he joined the band on stage for the final show of their 2005 Maui Tour