Recent Work

The BIG one!

I actually started the sketch for this over a year ago.

Sevin spotted on canvas!

Sevin spotted on canvas! Again!!!!!

Catch my new Sevin painting!

I’m really enjoying my new voyage into impressionism.

Seeing Double!

Well I said I’d been busy lately and here’s proof.
Not one but two new Sevin paintings. Frisbee 7.1 and 7.2!

New dog. Old tricks. New paintings.

In between playing with Seven on the water Ray has returned to the studio and has been a very productive artist.

Pixels are cool!

Pixels are cool!
Big blocky pixels. Not a curve in sight.
The building blocks for my latest direction in art.
Or should I say…my earliest direction…reborn.

Iao Sunset – capturing his backyard in pixels

Most evenings I stand on the beach and watch the valley.
Every time it shows me a new face.

The Amiga returns and gets blown up big time!

Ray Masters has started using an Amiga computer again as his design tool. This time enlarging the images by about 5000%. The results are simply spectacular……

Vali, Miro and a White Owl

This new painting on paper is another work based on a famous artwork this time by my great friend and life influence, Vali Myers.

Ray plays with foam and 3-D again.

Following his experiments with high density foam and resin Ray has again created a painting using this technique.