Boo to you…now give me the chocolates!

The Artist as a Dead Dread Headed DJ!

Halloween already.
Bloody hell 😉

Actually I started early this year.  Got to DJ a really great party upcountry at the ultimate Halloween House…..complete with 12 foot stone tiki skull at the end of the pool with glowing eyes spewing smoke, water and kids….from the built in water slide.

I’ve DJ’d every Halloween on Maui since 2000 and I love it.

The actual night I also got to play. This time at my favorite restaurant/gallery, Café Mambo. And was that some fun. All my friends came out and we turned the place into a dance club in no time flat. this was the first Halloween Night party in Paia and it was a blast. Next year will only be better.

They really get into the festivity here on Maui and my artist buddies especially pull out all the stops. From 25 foot long flying saucers to a full size Trojan horse to exploding man sized pumpkins!

We’ve done it all…nudge nudge!