A moment of truth…..please.


So this week we will elect a new President.

It’s fairly obvious that this is going to the biggest election in recent memory. This will be huge whichever way it goes.

Talk about bringing out the best and worst in people. We certainly have become very polarized over it and the world is watching.

I’m thinking about a painting of a new President or something to do with where we are at and where we should be. I don’t know. I just feel it’s big and important and I want to express, capture, question.

Dark days or days of opportunity?

A cleansing of our current ills?  

Who knows?  

I do know that for once it seems to be affecting all of us, rich and poor, left and right.

Whatever the outcome I pray it brings us together and starts to heal the wounds.

OK enough politics for now on these pages.

Next week back to sex, drugs and rock and roll.

Aloha and peace to all.