Welcome to my new web site!

Silicon Beach

Silicon Beach

Aloha and welcome to my brand new super duper web site.

I am so stoked about it and the opportunity I have to interact with all my current and future collectors and friends around the world.

Before I give you brief run down on the layout, I have to send out a huge Mahalo to Neil McMonagle my friend, partner and uber webmaster.  He’s made my dream and vision a reality and it rocks!

So here is a quick guide to the site…..

The Homepage features a top navbar to get you to all the main sections. Pretty obvious stuff!

The Gallery is just that. A series of virtual galleries of all my different types of art. Once inside you can go from one gallery to the other with the Gallery navbar at the bottom of the page. Any piece of art that is available for sale will have a “Request Info” button. Just click and enter your contact info. We’ll be in touch with you right away!

Click on Recent and see details about my latest projects including whys and hows….and sometimes whos!

The Bio button gets you to my life story, divided into episodes accessed from its own lower Bio navbar.

News is the button to get to the News and Reviews section.  Here you can see reprints of news and magazine articles, art features and press releases.  You will also find stories about interesting commissions and other art related happenings in my career. 

The little house in the middle takes you back to the Homepage.  Cool huh!

Store is your gateway to our on-line retail store.  This feature will grow with time as we add posters, prints, books and other items for your purchasing pleasure.

Diary takes you to my blog thingy. Just random happenings and thoughts. Newsy stuff unrelated to anything!

Lastly, our Contact button is your way of reaching us. Either by phone or form…we are here for you and want to hear from you.

The Homepage side bars feature several “Latest” items that link to the new entry in each section. Here you can also see details about the month’s Red Hot Deal.

Lastly, we have a Calendar featuring Ray-relevant dates as well as other items I think you might be interested in.  Hover over a red date to see a detail or click for the full story.  If you have iCalendar then click the center symbol and we’ll be bonded in Calendar bliss!

So there you have it.

I hope you enjoy your visit and do let me know what you like and dislike and how we can improve your experience.

A big Aloha and Mahalo!