Ray gives athletes something to jump about!

Ray Masters was commissioned by Rich Foster, organizer of the 2005 Jeep Hawaii Pro to create this year’s event trophies. Ray designed six pieces for the men’s and women’s first, second and third place awards. Each depicts a windsurfer wave riding in the inimitably humorous Masters style. Every trophy has a unique personality and is carved from foam sheets, painted in brilliant colors and then coated in fiberglass resin and mounted on a coral stone stand.

Jeep Hawaii Pro organizer Rich Foster says, “I have known Ray for a number of years and I have always been an admirer of his work. I often see him out wave sailing on Mauis North shore and it became obvious who should do the contest trophies and T-shirt designs. Ray’s feel for the ocean and his use of shape and color fit perfectly with our event Mantra. When you consider that his paintings sell for upwards of $30,000 a piece these trophies are collectors items and could be worth as much as the prize money for the event.”

The 2005 Jeep Hawaii Pro will be held at the world famous windsurfing and surfing site Hookipa Beach Park, Maui, March 28 April 4th. This event has attracted top windsurfers from many different countries, including the PWA 2004 number one ranked Wave sailors, Daida Ruano Moreno and Scott McKercher.

Ray Masters first art was windsurfing inspired, appearing on shirts he painted for a show at the Action Sports Expo in Long Beach in 1986. Rays flamboyant oversize images were such a huge success that he was encouraged to make art and graphic design his business. From the late eighties Ray was one of the most prolific sports artists in the world. Designing for many of the leading sportswear houses as well as more Indy Car races than any one in the history of the sport.

Eighteen years later, Ray is now living on Maui and back in the windsurfing world while embarking on a new art voyage, in the third dimension! His trophies and their concept have been received with such enthusiasm that Ray has been inspired to create more 3-D art. So next up is a multidimensional piece depicting a DJ made of foam complete with sound activated lighting, and a larger 3-D piece of a windsurfer, kiter and surfers. Friend and collector, Robby Naish recently gave Ray some white windsurfing boards which Masters plans to use as an alternative to canvas.

“My art and career sprung from windsurfing and it is great to return. I wanted to take the signature look I’ve developed over the past 20 years, and re-apply it to the sport I love. But in a new dimension” says Masters. “I especially like the way the use of foam, resin and the fossil encrusted coral add so perfectly to the overall symbolism of the pieces.”