It’s in the Bag!

Vali with Flowers

Ray Masters was recently asked to add his artistic voice to an impressive list of fine artists and entertainment stars in support of the Paia No Mo’ Plastic campaign.

Ray was joined by several famous supporters of the cause including Peter Max, Willie Nelson, Laird Hamilton, Woody Harrelson and Jack Johnson.

Their quest was to raise cash to provide eco friendly bags to all of the merchants of Paia for a period of at least 3 months.

As he explained to Starr Begley of MauiTime magazine “I painted one of my favorite subjects: cats. I wanted to paint something that might be in the bag and then I thought, what about a “cat out of the bag?”

Thus the subject. As to style, I have been painting in a much looser way lately. I have been inspired by the controlled chaos of Jackson Pollock’s work, so I used a similar technique of splashes and dribbles to create the piece.” 

The bags were auctioned off over a period of 3 months at the official No Mo’ Plastic Bags site.