The Amiga returns and gets blown up big time!

Pixels 1

Pixels 1

The latest works of Ray Masters is one of old and new.

Back in 1987 Masters hand-drew his first designs for Swatch. Since this was an inefficient way to produce multiple designs, Masters bought his first graphics computer, an Amiga 1000. By today’s standards primitive–its 16 colors pale before today’s machines that can display millions–the Amiga was nonetheless the top graphics personal computer of the day.

Masters began producing works with just five or six colors, but he enlarged them 500 percent. The result was a blocky, pixilated work with no true curves or shading. He already had a surreal style, and the end result was truly unique art–all the more revolutionary since computers weren’t really being used in fashion design at that time.

Now it is time to go back to the future.

He has started using an Amiga again as his design tool. This time enlarging the images by about 5000%. The results are simply spectacular……