Iao Sunset – capturing his backyard in pixels


Iao Sunset - The Warrior Returns

Iao Sunset - The Warrior Returns

Most evenings I stand on the beach and watch the valley.

Every time it shows me a new face.

This is one of them.

The Iao Valley is for me the most mysterious and powerful place on Maui. Iao Valley is the site of one of the Hawaii’s most famous battles, the battle of Kepaniwai (“damming of the waters”) in 1790 when King Kamehameha I destroyed the Maui army of Kalanikupule (his son) in an effort to unite the Hawaiian Islands. This was one of the first confrontations in the islands with use of cannon. It is said that the Iao river ran red with blood all the way to the ocean and that the number of warriors fallen held back the waters of the river, thus the name given to the battle.

I created the original art on an Amiga and then transfered it to a Mac for further work.  The final piece was enlarged about 1000% and printed onto canvas using the latest State of the Art inkjet printer from Epson.