Pixels are cool!

s006_fullPixels are cool!
Big blocky pixels. Not a curve in sight.
The building blocks for my latest direction in art.
Or should I say…my earliest direction…reborn.
My first foray into Computer Art was back in the mid 80’s.
I used an Amiga Computer.
320×200 resolution. 16 colors.
High tech.
No kidding…it really was.
Andy (Warhol) used one too!
I’d blow the tiny 4 inch prints up by 400% or more depending on the application.
Back then there were no big ink jet (giclée) printers.
So if I wanted to reproduce a big work on canvas I had to hand paint it…..which is what I did for several years.
My style changed as I started using less blocks and more lines.
But now the Blocks are Back!
I have started reproducing my computer art on a state of the art 72 inch wide Epson ink jet printer and the results are awesome.
This is my first large piece. It’s called “Pixels 1.0” ……… what did you think it would be called?
There will me many more to follow.